Sony PS Vita is faster than expected

Specs unveiled by Sony reveal a full 512MB of RAM and a tasty little extra

The Sony PS Vita – the most exciting handheld since the GameBoy – was rumoured to suffer a RAM downgrade. But after Sony just announced a cheaper PS3, a new budget PSP E-1000 and a dual-perspective 3D display, they kept giving with a Vita bombshell.

The PS Vita will not only feature a full 512MB RAM but also comes with a further 128MB of dedicated video memory – while sticking to the lower-than-expected US$250 price tag announced at E3. Its display can manage 60fps at 640 x 480px, which extends to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it 120fps at the lower 320 x 240px resolution.

Now all we need to know is storage capacity, and an accurate release date so we can start planning a longer route to work.


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