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Sony Project Q is a PS5 handheld coming later this year

Sony finally has a new handheld - and it'll stream games from your PS5

Sony Project Q

Sony has unveiled Project Q, a new handheld gaming console that will allow users to stream PlayStation 5 games to a portable screen.

Details are so far limited, so expect Sony to drip-feed info over the coming months. Project Q is just the codename since PlayStation lead Jim Ryan said it was “internally known” by that that moniker. We also don’t have a price or release date though it is set to appear later in 2023.

The device, which is expected to launch later this year, features an 8in LCD display at Full HD resolution, a built-in DualSense controller either side of the screen with all of the same buttons including the adaptive triggers (plus haptic feedback) and a “long-lasting” battery.

Project Q will enable you to play PS5 games on the go. Ryan said that Project Q “enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi.”

So in other words, the games need to be installed on your PS5 – and it doesn’t think a cellular connection is good enough. The games will be able to run at up to 60fps. Could Project Q be compatible with a streaming service as well? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Project Q is also expected to be accompanied by a variety of accessories, including a carrying case, a stand, and a charging dock.

The device is expected to launch in the United States, Europe, and Japan later this year.

There will also be some new PlayStation Buds launching later this year, too; they can connect to any Bluetooth devices and will deliver lossless audio. They’re clearly intended to be used with the handheld, the handheld will surely be compatible with any Bluetooth devices anyway.

Rumours about a new PlayStation handheld called ‘Q Lite’ appeared earlier this year and a lot of the details from those leaks like the display and the compatibility with Remote Play were accurate.

Here’s the trailer video: