Sony PlayStation 4 out in 2012 – IMHO

A recent revelation points towards a release of the next-gen Sony games machine as soon as next year

Sony has revealed that it could release the PlayStation 4 as soon as next year. In an interview with Eurogamer, the CEO of PlayStation Europe, Jim Ryan, said it would be "undesirable" for the next PlayStation to be released much later than its rivals.

We know that Nintendo has the Wii U coming out in 2012, while rumours swirling around Microsoft’s Xbox 720 point to a next-year release with a launch at CES in January. Sony is certainly factoring this news into its plans, meaning we could be seeing a new PlayStation unveiled at CES alongside its rivals.

With Sony’s revenues suffering after the Japanese earthquake and poor television sales, it’s clear they’ll want to earn big with this PlayStation. The PS3 was the first console to hit the £200 mark – and even that was at a loss, as Sony wanted to get Blu-Ray players into homes. So don't go expecting any bargains this time round – we could see a more expensive console, but the extra cash will net gamers even more staggering specs than the last.

The PS3 is a home entertainment hub, acting as a games machine, Blu-ray player, web browser and Smart TV; could we see the PS4 taking over from the home computer? With Sony already integrating its subsidiaries like Sony Ericsson, the PS4 could sit at the heart of an Apple-like ecosystem based around tablets, phones and TV. Whatever Sony decides to do, we want six cores and a GPU that warrants a Doc Brown-like "Great Scott!"

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