Sony Ericsson MH907 motion-activated earphones confirmed

Just as expected, Sony Ericsson has unveiled a set of earphones it thinks will change the way we listen to music forever.While we'd held out hope for

While we'd held out hope for a new handset, the MH907 motion-activated headphones was the only thing to come out of today's webcast, and allow users to control their music and calls by putting in and removing the earbuds.

The Sony Ericsson SensMe technology will sense what you're doing with earbuds, so if you're listening to music and remove one – the music will pause. Simply replace it to resume your music playback.

Similarly with phone calls, pop in the earbuds to take a call, and remove to hang up the call without pressing a single button.

Most Sony Ericsson phones with a fast port connector will be compatible with the headset, and it'll be available in a choice of yellow and white, or "titan chrome".

There was no release date or price announced today, but we're chasing it and will get you all the deets when we get them.

Until then, check out our Top 10 music phones and let us know what you think to Sony Ericsson's announcement below.