Sony Crystal LED TV – Next Big Thing

While Samsung and LG make their TVs smarter, Sony is pioneering for picture quality

Crystal. Sounds pricey.

True it sounds it, but these aren’t real crystals, they're LEDs. Why isn’t this called an LED TV? Because this uses six million LEDs mounted directly on the front of the display, doing away with those pesky pixels once and for all.

No pixels? So the resolution is dreadful?

No way, it’s stunning – effectively 6 million pixels on a 55in display, meaning full HD. It also means (since specific LEDs can be turned off) you get truer blacks than other TVs can manage.

Sounds good, what else can it do?

You’re right, it is good. Crystal manages a wider (1.4 times) colour gamut and 10 times faster response than normal LED televisions. Now we just need to see if this will be cheaper than the LG OLED and Samsung Super OLED screens, before we start saving.

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