Sony announces 4K film for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Blades of grass, boot laces and tears, like you’ve never seen them before…
Sony announces 4K coverage for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Sony has revealed that this year’s World Cup in Brazil will be the first ever 4K tournament. Sort of.

Out of 32 matches which will take place over 64 glorious days, only three will be shot in 4K. And they won't be broadcast live.

Instead, Sony will be using the captured footage to create an official FIFA-endorsed film, presumably full of highlights from the 4K-captured matches.

The matches in question are the final (naturally), the quarter-final and one match from the round of 16, which is set to take place on 28 June.

4K TV has yet to spread into the majority of UK living rooms due to high prices, but even gadgeteers who are lucky enough to own a set like Sony's own 4K KD-55X9005A won't be able to watch 4K matches live.

Instead, the film will be distributed online later this year, although footy fans can still watch promotional trailers shot in 4K on Sony’s commercial display booths situated in selected stadiums in Brazil.

UK fans can catch glimpses of 4K content at Sony showrooms if they're not fortunate enough to be travelling to Brazil themselves. It’ll be like watching the condensed action live, minus the over-priced beer and ridiculous queues for the toilet.

The BBC tested out 8K screenings of the London 2012 Olympics, and portions of the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year were filmed in both 4K and 8K. They were only available at selected public screenings however, and not to 4K TV owners themselves.

It’s unclear at this stage whether or not Sony will be setting up any public live 4K broadcast screenings for UK footy fans to enjoy during the World Cup, but we’ll update this story with any more info if and when we get it.