Sony adds over 100 PSP games to Store, updates PSP firmware for tethering

Sony’s PSP Go is on shelves today, and to support its launch, Sony has boosted its digital content offering with the release of over 100 games o

These include titles from EA, Activision and Capcom, and there’s also the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo from Sony itself.

The PSP Minis also make their debut in the store today. Designed for shorter play, there are just a few available at the moment, including EA’s new take on the classic Tetris, but expect more to be released over the coming months.

Aside from the new games, Sony has also outed the 6.10 firmware update for both the PSP-3000 and PSP Go.

It’ll bring both handhelds the new-look MediaGo update that will allow users to connect to the PlayStation Store via their PC for easier managing of music, video and images.

There also the introduction of the SensMe music application, which uses Sony’s Tone Analysis to analyse any music imported on to you PSP. It will automatically put similar tracks in to one of 12 channels, so if you’re looking for some chill out tunes, there’ll all be together.

And finally, the 6.10 update brings tethering to the PSP Go only, allowing users to connect to a device such as a mobile via Bluetooth and use it to hop on the internet. Handy.

The PSP Go is available now for £225, but before you go buying it before you check out our hands on video to see what we thought.