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Sonos accidentally reveals three new colours for the Roam early

Orange you glad there are new colours inbound for the Roam?

Sonos has been in the headlines a lot recently. From leaks about new speakers to the company’s own voice assistant, Sonos hasn’t been able to keep a lid on anything. And this time, the speaker giant has only gone and slipped up itself.

In an email sent out to subscribers, Sonos teased that “something colourful is coming”, alongside a countdown clock ticking down to Wednesday 11 May. While this seems fairly on the nose already, Sonos left a few more breadcrumbs in the email.

As spotted on Reddit, Sonos actually included “roamcolors” in the URL to its website, and actually named one of the images “Roam_Colors_Launch.png”. If there was any doubt on the announcement before, Sonos has well and truly made sure we know what to expect.

But it doesn’t stop there. MusicWorld, an online music retailer in Chile, actually posted the speakers in the new colour options on the site for purchase. The since-deleted listing shared the first images of the Sonos Roam in the new colour options. At least this one wasn’t Sonos’ fault.

Image from MusicWorld/Sonos

As per the images, the Sonos Roam will be released in green, blue, and orange colour options. The new speakers will join black and white options in the current line-up. It seems that the speakers won’t be getting an update, just a new coat of paint. That’s not a problem, as the Sonos Roam sounds great, and actually scored five stars in our review. Just temper your expectations on what to expect.

It’s currently unclear whether Sonos intended to leave clues to the new Roam colours launch or not. One would assume not, as Sonos isn’t in the habit of revealing new products early (intentionally, at least). We expect someone forgot to change the file names before sending the email. Props to them for good file organisation, but not so good on the email front!

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