This smartsafe locks away temptation until you’ve reached set goals

What’s that? You want a chocolate digestive? Tough. You still need another 8,000 steps

Willpower is a formidable force. It can help you quit smoking, lose weight, and actually bother to floss. But sometimes, you still need a helping hand. Enter kSafe.

It looks like a translucent cookie jar, and its sole purpose is to deprive you of pleasure until you’ve achieved set goals.

Want to lose weight? Stock it up with tasty treats, slam on the lid, and use the kSafe app to lock its sugary contents away until you’ve achieved a set number of steps or calories burned.

The app plays nice with existing fitness trackers like FitBit, or it can measure your fitness stats independently.

If you’re putting off going to the gym, library, or volunteering at your local kitten orphanage, then you can even use locations as a motivator.

When House of Cards eats into your gym time for example, just lock away your iPad and set your gym as a location goal.

As soon as the app detects you’ve checked in at the gym’s location, Kevin Spacey and his monstrous schemes will be right there waiting for you when you get home.

If you want to keep things simple, you can also set standard time locks, ensuring that the kSafe only opens at certain times of the day, week, or month.

You can also password protect it to keep unwanted infant hands from ruining your collection of original shiny Pokémon with chocolate-stained fingers. Shudder.

The kSafe itself is available in black-opaque, white-opaque and white-translucent, and a circular LED ring on the lid shows off how much of your goal you’ve completed.

It’s available on Kickstarter right now for an early bird price of US$80, or US$350 for a set of five. Go on, deprive the whole family. You know you want to.