This smart sleep tracker will automatically heat up and cool down your bed

Sweet dreams are made of these

Sleep trackers are nothing new. You can strap them on your wrists, shove them under your mattress, or even use your phone to monitor your troubled slumber.

And then you have the Nuyu Sleep System. Questionable name, sure, but its features are intriguing.

It consists of a mat which rests beneath your bed sheets, which can track your movements as you toss and turn throughout the night. So far, so ordinary.

The mat differentiates itself from the competition however, by intelligently heating up or cooling down accordingly, helping you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Sleep, the company tells us, is disrupted as your temperature changes, and the purpose of the Nuyu system is to mimic your own body’s circadian rhythm, based on your age, weight, and temperature goals.

Typically, it’ll start out warm and toasty, and gradually cool off in the middle of the night, before warming you up again in the morning.

You can control everything via an accompanying Android and iOS app, and the whole system will be shipping in 10 November, for US$500.

[via Pocket-lint]