This slick little smart compass tells you which direction to cycle

Turn-by-turn takes a back seat while exploration is encouraged

Sat navs for bikes aren’t even remotely new, but the BeeLine, despite its appearance, is no sat nav.

Instead, the circular puck-like gadget is more of a smart compass, albeit one that’s not designed to point north.

Disobeying the laws of a regular compass, the arrow is actually constantly pointing to your final destination. BeeLine is proud of the fact that turn-by-turn directions aren’t used, arguing that this method lets cyclists break free from the constraints of a set route.

The idea behind this method is to encourage cyclists to explore and/or take routes and turns that they feel comfortable with. An accompanying app lets you set checkpoints if you feel that there are certain places that you must travel through, and the rugged waterproof unit will last up to three months per charge, thanks to a power-sipping e-Paper display.

Cleary it’s not going to be as good as a sat nav if you’re in a rush and want to get form A to B as fast as possible, but BeeLine has stated that one of its Kickstarter stretch goals could include turn-by-turn support, if there’s a demand for it.

You can pre-order the BeeLine for a limited-offer price of £30 on Kickstarter, where it has an expected August ship date.