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Skype and Google+ heading to Windows Phone Tango?

Will Microsoft's OS for budget smartphones get a Skype and Google+ boost?

Windows Phone Tango – the next iteration of the Windows Phone OS for budget blowers – is thought to be coming with Skype and Google+ support, to further bolster the integration options within its Messenger Hub. 

We reported that Skype would soon be joining Windows Phone handsets – and although it was thought Skype wouldn’t be integrated into Microsoft’s OS until the next big OS release, Apollo, the guys at PocketPC think otherwise.

Claiming to have got hands-on with the latest build of Microsoft’s OS, the tipsters reckon Windows Phone Tango users will be able to enjoy the benefits of making and receiving video calls and voice calls, as well as sending messages from both platforms.

However, the full-fat features are not yet baked into the OS – Skype chat and video calling work fine, but voice calling is not yet fully functional.

According to the Swiss site, Google+ implementation is shakier. Despite its chat functionalty getting the thumbs up, it is thought voice and video calls via Hangouts will not be ready in time for the official rollout.

As Windows Phone screenshots are easy to doctor, we’re taking this one with a small sprinkling of salt. But if true, we can look forward to sinking our teeth into Google+ and Skype features on our Tango-flavoured smartphones when the new OS finally touches down.

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