Sky reveals details on its F1 Race Control iPad app

F1 fans are in for a treat if Sky’s initial peek of its new app is anything to go by

Sky has revealed a number of features we can expect to see on its upcoming Formula One iPad application called Sky Race Control, Pocket Lint reports.

The standout feature is the ability for racing fans to watch four-way live video streams on their iPads, which is a feature similar to Sky’s existing red button service.

Viewers will be able to view on-board cameras as well as a live Pit Channel offering an unprecedented view of the goings on in the pits even when the cars themselves aren’t present.

Sky Race Control will also be accessible via web browsers meaning you don’t have to be part of the Apple faithful to get in on the pit-side action, although speed fans will still have to wait until March 9 for the launch of Sky’s F1 HD channel.

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