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Sky Glass is a TV with integrated Sky Q – and it doesn’t need a dish

A 4K Quantum Dot TV with Sky inside - you can get it on subscription, too

Sky has revealed a new TV with integrated Sky Q called Sky Glass. It says it’s “way more than a TV” and it doesn’t need a dish – it works completely over Wi-Fi using Sky’s “new global streaming platform”.

There will be three sizes available – 43, 55 and 65in. You can get it on subscription from £13 per month (and add a £26-per-month Sky Ultimate package) from 18 October in the UK and it will come to more countries in 2022. Naturally those subscription prices are for the entry-level 43 incher. 

Colour options, too

Colour options, too

Because it doesn’t need an extra soundbar, Sky says Glass represents "great value" if you want to buy it outright at £649, £849, £1049. Extra ‘pucks’ can be added to bring Sky to other TVs in your home from £10 a month, like the old multiroom subscription.

Sky Glass features integrated Dolby Atmos 360 and there are five different colours to choose from, with matching speaker covers as well for the integrated soundbar. Sky claims it has designed the entire TV itself and there’s a redesigned version of the Sky Q remote, too – also colour-coded.

Voice at the centre

Voice at the centre

The 10 bit HDR 4K Quantum Dot TV can also be configured to turn on with movement in front of the screen, while a new ‘Hello Sky’ voice command will also fire it up. Voice will also be able to be used for switching inputs and, of course, finding the content you want. Sky says that a new Sky Guide will be introduced, improving what’s available on Sky Q.

A new + button on the remote adds a show to your playlist, which is a rolling, er, list of shows you want to watch from any of Sky’s supported services including BBC iPlayer, Prime Video and more.

Other companies can also use the same TV tech and Australia’s Foxtel will be rolling it out.

Sky says a key motivator is that wants us to be able to find content more easily rather than having to search through apps.

You will also be able to get a camera for the TV for video calls, fitness workouts and more – Sky even showed games being played with the aid of the camera. Sky says it is also working with Microsoft on a Watch Together system using the camera, so you can watch films or matches with friends on your Sky Glass.