Sennheiser PX travel headphones pack stereo Bluetooth and noise cancelling

Sennheiser has announced its new PX range of foldable travel headphones, that offer a choice of stereo Bluetooth connectivity, high-end noise reductio

The PX 210BT will connect with any A2DP and offer stereo Bluetooth sound for music without the wires, and control AVRCP devices (read: not iPhones) so you can flick through your tracks using the buttons on the earpiece.

Charge them up via the mains or USB for 20 hours use on full charge, and you have the cables supplied as well for when you need to revert back to plain old wired listening.

While the PX 210BT will prevent noise leakage out so you don't tick off your fellow commuters, sometimes you want to drown them out as well – which is exactly what the PXC 310 headphones will allow for.

With NoiseGard 2.0 high-end active noise reduction technology, ambient noise is reduced up to 90% meaning you can listen to your music at lower levels with no need to drown surrounding noise out.

The PXC 310 come with the same 20 hours battery life and cables included, and also boasts an "Active TalkThrough" feature that allows you to have a conversation with someone while wearing the headphones, but still keeping the noise reduction.

Finally in the range is the PXC 310BT which promises all the benefits of the two before it, in exchange for the highest price tag of all three.

The PX 210BT comes in at £149.99, while the PXC 310 and PXC 310BT are priced up at £199.99 and £259.99 respectively.

Also worth noting for those of you wanting to use these with your iPod, there is an optional apt-X dongle for £59.99 which will allow for an enhanced lossless music performance for near hi-fi quality without wires.

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