The scooter that turns your iPhone into a dashboard

Your Apple handset is about to become a scooter-computer thanks to Terra Motors
Terra Motors A4000i

You can plug your iPhone into pretty much anything these days, from cars to a trumpet.

Now the guys over at Japan's Terra Motors have created the A4000i, an electric scooter that uses your iPhone as its dashboard.

Scoot in style

Terra Motors A4000i

In the dash space, there’s an iPhone dock that’ll take any Apple handset from the iPhone 3G onwards. Once it's plugged in, the iPhone will hook up to Terra's cloud-based service and give you all kinds of juicy titbits about your journey – from power consumption and battery life to speed-stats and distance covered. It basically turns your iPhone into a cool companion to replace a standard dashboard.

Terra Motors claim the scooter takes roughly four and a half hours to charge up to 100%, which will let you ride in style down about 40 miles of tarmac. Not great, we know, but who cares when you’re cruising with your favourite mobile gadgetry?

If you’re looking to pick one of these bad boys up, it’ll set you back about £3000. You’ll also have to wait a while, as the release is limited to Asian countries and the launch isn’t until November.

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