Samsung's Surface rival lands in the UK, grab a TabPro S for £849

One of the family if you've got a Galaxy S7

Last week, if you couldn't decide between a laptop or a tablet, Microsoft's Surface was the obvious choice. Not any more, though: Samsung's TabPro S is finally available to buy in the UK.

The Windows 10 hybrid was revealed at CES in January, and there's no question it takes a lot of inspiration from Microsoft's Surface range.

Both have detachable keyboards, both run the full version of Windows 10, and both have a digital stylus - although Samsung’s will be optional, and won’t arrive until later in the year.

Samsung’s version is a featherweight alternative to the Surface, tipping the scales at 693g and measuring just 6.3mm at its thickest point.

The TabPro S has a 12.3in AMOLED screen with super-sharp QHD resolution, an Intel Core M CPU and 4GB of RAM supplying the power, and 256GB of on-board storage. There’s no noisy fan inside, either; the entire thing is passively cooled, so it’s always silent. 

Samsung says it can go for ten and a half hours on a single charge, and the bundled keyboard cover means you’ll be able to work on the move as well as keep yourself entertained.

The main reason for Samsung fans to pick one up over a Surface is because it works seamlessly with the Galaxy S7 smartphone. 

You’ll be able to unlock the tablet using the fingerprint sensor on your phone, and notifications sent to the phone will also appear on the tablet. 

These features might not be there at launch, but Samsung says they will be on the way soon. 

You can buy the Wi-Fi-only version directly from Samsung right now for £849. Expect to see it in high street stores soon too. 

We’re hoping to get one sharpish to bring you a full review.