Samsung’s gigantic 18in tablet is now officially ready to drop jaws

It also doubles up as a life raft for small infants

Tablet is not a strong enough word for what the Samsung Galaxy View is, which is probably why Samsung’s press release doesn’t mention the word once.

The 18.4in device is perhaps best described as a portable media device screen… thing (PMDST), or maybe we’ll just call it the Galaxy View, and give up labelling it altogether.

Running at full HD, and promising up to eight hours of straight video playback, the View is clearly designed primarily with (semi) portable entertainment in mind, letting you cart around all the wonders of Netflix and YouTube, thanks to a built-in handle and kickstand.

It’s unlikely that you’ll want to leave the house with it, given its size, but for videos, music, gaming and video calling in and around your home, it should offer a comfortable experience.

There’s no UK price or release date as of yet, but we’re told those details will be flying in shortly, so stay tuned.