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Samsung’s curved 105in 4K UHD TV priced at US$120,000

In case you’re seeking a television that costs as much as a flat

Samsung went for broke at CES early this year by revealing its 105in monstrosity of a curved, 4K Ultra HD television—and now you’ll surely go broke if you even consider adding this thing to your entertainment center.

The massive set briefly appeared on Samsung’s official North American web store earlier today, which Engadget spotted, and the UN105S9W carries a price tag of US$120,000—or about £70,300. Granted, that comes with consultation from a Samsung field engineer, who will presumably explain exactly what you’ve just sacked all that money away towards.

Amusingly billed the “world’s first, largest and most curved 105in Curved UHD TV” by Samsung last December, the UN105S9W delivers 5,120 x 2,160 resolution at a 21:9 aspect ratio, with 11 million pixels crammed into that rather large frame (retail version up top; CES demo set shown below).


It’s also a Smart TV, of course, and features a Quad Screen function that splits the massive screen real estate into four still-rather-sizable images for performing different tasks at once.

The UN105S9W will also upscale your HD and SD content to what it claims to be “near UHD-level picture quality,” a assertion that likely requires a rather lenient opinion of high-end picture quality—particularly on a screen of that size and sharpness.

It’s not yet known whether the UK will receive Samsung’s 105in beast, either in this exact form or another, but start raiding the couch cushions now if the combination of size and curves sends your heart aflutter.

[Source: Samsung via Engadget]