Is the Samsung O Table the future of cooking?

According to Samsung the future of the kitchen is portable and O-shaped

Samsung has pulled back the curtain on a device we’re not used to seeing from its high-tech stable – a portable kitchen hob.

Looking more like a set of weighing scales than a cooking contraption, Samsung’s O Table (spotted by Pocket-Lint) has already turned heads with its unique stylings, snapping up an IF design award.

How does it work? The O Table is controlled by what Samsung is calling a ‘groove touch pad,’ which reacts to circular gestures to control its heat output. It also features intelligent pan detection tech and boil power preventative measures, ensuring that this portable cooker is as foolproof as possible.

Other clever features include the ability to disable itself when small objects like cutlery (or Lego men placed on it by your curious five year old) are detected. Plus it'll shut off automatically when not in use.

The O Table will come in a veritable rainbow of different colours, including Ruby Red and Mint Green. When it will be available – and for how much – has yet to be revealed.

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