Samsung Gear S2 price undercuts the Apple Watch

But is it still cheap enough to tempt you?

Samsung has officially revealed the pricing for its Gear S2 and S2 Classic smartwatch.

The Standard S2 will set you back US$300, which is cheaper than the US$350 Apple Watch Sport, while the leather strap-toting Gear S2 Classic matches the Sport’s US$350 price tag.

Those prices translate to around £200 and £230 respectively, though we don’t expect the final UK retail pricing to reflect this direct conversions.

We were impressed with the S2’s addictively clicky rotating outer bezel in our hands-on review, and from what we’ve seen so far, Samsung’s Tizen OS looks slick and functional. Whether or not the app roster will ever match the head start offered by Android and Google is another matter, but if you do fancy picking one up, you can do so form 2 October.

Stay tuned for UK pricing details as and when we get them.