Samsung Galaxy S7 will apparently have a pressure-sensitive screen

Bringing the fight straight to Apple’s 3D Touch doors, are we Samsung?

What’s that? You thought the Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours would die down in the run up to Christmas? Dream on.

The latest slice of news comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, who reports that Samsung’s 2016 flagship will feature a touch-sensitive display, offering similar functionality to that of the 3D Touch screen found on the iPhone 6s.

It’s unclear whether or not Samsung’s implementation will use similar technology, but the WSJ goes on to report that the handset will look largely similar to the existing Galaxy S6, matching up with previously leaked renders of the S7, which appear to look almost identical to the company’s current flagship. 

This newest report goes on to mention an Edge variant of the S7 too, but mention of a USB Type-C connection and a microSD slot in the non-Edge variant goes against the most recent renders we’ve seen.

A retina scanner is also mentioned, as is a launch period slated for Mobile World Congress in late February, but with nothing official to go on, we’re swallowing all of this with unhealthy amounts of salt, for the time being at least.

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