Samsung Galaxy S7 looks set to be the most powerful phone in the world

Assuming the latest rumours are true, of course

While we’re not exactly drowning in them at this early stage, we’re still seeing a slow, steady leak of Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours.

The latest whispers point to its alleged processor, and if they prove to be true, it’ll pack quite the punch.

According to a “reliable Chinese leakster”, Samsung will be ditching its own Exynos processor in favour of Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 820 chipset.

While numbers aren’t everything, especially when it comes to real world performance, the leaked benchmark results remain impressive.

Clocked at a maximum speed of 2.2GHz, the alleged S7 benchmark shows the Snapdragon 820 beating the impressive multi-core performance of Apple’s A9 processor (5423 vs 4454), and it’s not too far behind it in single-core performance either.

Coupled with the fact that the S7 will probably land with 4GB of RAM, it could very well be the most powerful phone in the world when it lands next year, on paper at least.

That blistering clock speed hopefully won’t result in any heating problems - an issue that plagued the Snapdragon 810 on its official release. Hopefully with a new 14nm manufacturing process (facilitated by Samsung, no less), we can expect to see a more powerful, more efficient processor, that runs cooler while drawing less power overall.

It’s unclear why Samsung would choose to opt for Qualcomm’s silicon over its own Exynos offering, especially as the Galaxy S6’s processor is so impressive, but it could opt to use both processors, depending on the release location.

We won’t anything know for sure until the official reveal, which is still a long way off, so buckle up and prepare for plenty more rumours until then.

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[via Slash Gear]