Samsung Galaxy S5 release date slated for late February

Sammy's next-gen superphone could hit shelves in a matter of weeks
Samsung Galaxy S5 release date slated for late February

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be released in late February, if a trigger-happy O2 Germany page is to be believed.

The Galaxy S5's official unveiling is set for 24 February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it's expected to arrive in two flavours - a premium metal version with a 5in 2K screen, quad-core Snapdragon 805 innards and a 20MP camera - and a cheaper plastic model with a lower resolution screen and octa-core Exynos 6 processor.

Receiving the S5 less than a week after its unveiling will be a nice surprise for Samsung fans who have waded through a year of torturous rumours and speculation, though it's unclear at this stage whether or not the UK will be blessed with the same late February release date as Germany.

The page also hints at a waterproof device, matching up with whispers of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active-like splashproof powers. Watch out Xperia Z2.

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