Samsung Galaxy S5 might recognise your handwriting, even scrawled in mid-air

You could be waving your hands around to navigate Samsung’s next flagship
Samsung Galaxy S5 will have improved magical gesture control

The Galaxy S5 could feature improved gesture controls, thanks to an increase in its screen's hover recognition range.

ETNews’ industry sources state that the Air View and Air Gesture hover gesture technology found on the Galaxy S4 has evolved to a point where your hands and fingers are detected even further away from the screen. The tech allows the S4 to scroll through menus with in-air swipes (Smart Scroll) and to bring up previews of gallery images, emails and more by hovering your finger over them (Air View). We've never been completely convinced of its usefulness (as you'll read in our Samsung Galaxy S4 review), but it's a neat party trick.

Not only that, but the improvements will allow for more accurate stylus use as finer tips can also be recognised. Hello, Galaxy Note 4.

Coupled with the iris-scanning technology that’s rumoured to be in the Galaxy S5, it’s shaping up to have more than a few impressive tricks up its sleeves come launch day.

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