Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with 10x optical zoom coming in June

Samsung could unleash a smartphone imaging beast next month alongside the S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung could get snap-happy at its press event on June 20th, with reports that it'll unveil the Galaxy S4 Zoom alongside the tougher Galaxy S4 Active and a shrunken down Galaxy S4 Mini. That's according to Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, which reports that the Zoom will feature the same 4.3in screen as the Galaxy S4 Mini, along with a 1.6GHz dual-core processor.

But none of those specs really matter, because the Galaxy S4 Zoom will apparently arrive packing a 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom. Optical. Zoom.

If the rumours are true, that would make the S4 Zoom one of the hottest contenders for the best smartphone camera around, serving up camera technology that no other current smartphone can deliver.

Sure, it'll probably be very chunky as a result – though perhaps not quite as chunky as our Galaxy S4/Galaxy Camera mash-up above – but shutterbugs looking for their dream smartphone probably won't care as long as Samsung delivers at its upcoming event.

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