Samsung Galaxy S3 gets official teaser video

The latest Galaxy vid from Sammy doesn't show us much phone but any sheep fans out there will be pleasantly surprised

Samsung Galaxy S3 fever is reaching iPhone levels of hysteria now as we count down the days to Samsung's Galaxy-themed launch set for May 3rd.

And what does Samsung have to keep us interested? Is it details of the handset with some cheeky hands on time? No, that's for leaked videos to give us. Samsung isn't even going down the silhouette-teasing route, instead choosing to keep everything under the wraps of some marketing jargon and intergalactic images.

We're pretty certain now that the Galaxy S3 will have a bigger screen so the lines 'a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand' and 'your view of the world grows ever wider' make sense. But other than that, there's not a whole lot to go on.

Except the fact that Samsung reckons the next Galaxy phone will have something to set it apart from all the sheep with (we can only assume) the same iPhone as everyone else. Could that be a Galaxy S3 with a ceramic build? The S-Cloud? Or maybe even a Samsung built Windows Phone handset? Tune in to on May 3rd for liveblogging and hands on video action with this mysterious beast.

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