Samsung Galaxy Note 4 out 10 October in UK, pre-orders begin tomorrow

Seeking to steal some thunder from the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung shows its hand
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As expected, mid-October is when Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Note 4, with a 10 October date pegged today for the UK and a debut in the United States following soon thereafter.

Samsung says that pre-orders will begin tomorrow at its Samsung Experience Stores, but that standard online or high-street retailer pre-orders won’t come until a week later on 26 September.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 4 will hit the States a week later than the UK, on 17 October, and it sounds like all types of pre-orders through most carriers will begin tomorrow. However, T-Mobile won’t begin its pre-orders until 24 September.

Official UK pricing still remains unknown, curiously, although the US version will sell for US$299.99 (about £183) with a two-year contract through AT&T. According to The Verge, the handset sells for US$825.99 (about £505) without a contract.

What’s so exciting about the Note 4? Start with the 5.7in 2K display, running at 2560x1440 for a crazy pixel density of 515ppi, along with a more refined build, ample processing power, a better camera, and an improved battery. And the Galaxy Note 3 was already an excellent device on its own merits.

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