Samsung ditching Symbian for bada in 2010

Following on from Samsung's bada announcement yesterday, the company's senior vice president Don Joo Lee has confirmed it will be quitting Symbian in

Windows Mobile and Android-based platforms will also be sticking around, but the Nokia favourite is set to be cut to make way for the open source bada next year.

We last saw a Symbian-run Samsung phone in the i8910, also known as the Omnia HD, which launched to fairly good reviews. However it seems that when it came to the chop, Symbian had proved itself least in the Samsung fold.

Samsung is the top mobile phone seller in the UK, and it seems it really wants to go all out with bada – set to launch on the first handset next year.

We're looking forward to getting more info on top of the rather vague details we have at the moment, and will keep you updated. In the meantime, check out the bada website and Symbian lovers can sound off about Samsung's decision below.

Via: Digitimes