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Samsung 55in Super OLED TV priced and specced

Introducing the ES9500 – the stunning and super skinny Samsung telly with a price to make you weep

We first fell in love with Samsung’s 55in OLED TV back at CES in January when it pipped its rival, the very similar LG 55in OLED TV, to the CES Hot Stuff award thanks to its Smart Evolution upgradeability.

Now, the dream is becoming a reality as the Super OLED gets a model number – the ES9500 – as well as a price for Korea and more specs. A Sammy spokesperson told the Associated Press that the dazzling HDTV will retail in South Korea in the second half of 2012 for more than 10m won – that’s around £5500.

The ES9500s will come packing 3D, Smart TV apps and the Smart Interaction voice and gesture control found on the current flagship ES8000, that’s less than half the price at £2,500. Plus it could be the only TV you ever need to buy as you’ll be able to upgrade anything from software updates to a new CPU with the Smart Evolution Kits which slot in round the back of this insane TV.

A new feature that wasn’t mentioned at CES is that the ES9500 will also come with Samsung’s Dual View tech – two people wearing 3D glasses can watch different content or game full screen at the same time. We’ll keep you posted if Samsung let slip any UK prices or release dates for this beautiful slab of interactive tech.

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