Rumour – super-slim PlayStation 3 won't surface in August

Reports of an August 14 appearance at Gamescom for cut-price PS3-4000 have been scotched by source

The PS3-4000, the super-slim PlayStation 3 strongly tipped to appear this year, won't be launched at Gamescom, according to reports.

It had been thought that Sony would use its August 14 Gamescom press conference to launch the new model of the console, rumoured to have 16GB of storage and a bargain basement price tag of just £99. But a source told VG247 that the PS3-4000 won't surface until later in the year, and that the price would be higher than £99.

We'll be keeping a close eye on Gamescom in any case, so we'll bring you more details on the PS3-4000 when we get them.

[via VG247]

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