Rumour – RIM’s BlackBerry roadmap looks bleak

Leaked document apparently points at just two new phones and one new PlayBook tablet in the next year

Things aren’t going well for RIM and BlackBerry at the moment, with share prices dropping, huge layoffs coming and the BlackBerry 10 operating system being pushed back to 2013. And this gloom seems reflected in what appears to be the company’s release roadmap for late 2012 and 2013.

The document, leaked to, shows a 4G version of the PlayBook coming in Q4 2012, then two new phones in Q1 2013 to coincide with the launch of BlackBerry 10: a touchscreen phone codenamed “London” and a QWERTY-toting phone codenamed “Nevada”. The current PlayBook will also receive a BB10 update in Q1 or Q2 2013.

The rest of 2013 looks decidedly bleak, with just one product on the roadmap: a new PlayBook tablet codenamed “Blackforest”. Now, given the limited success of the original PlayBook and RIM’s current woes, releasing a new version seems extremely risky. Alternatively, the “128” next to the Blackforest suggests it could simply be a current PlayBook with a 128GB SSD.

Whatever the case, if this document is the real deal don’t expect to see a lot of new BlackBerry products in the coming 18 months.

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