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Rollcage returns (in spirit) – Grip hits Steam early access

Forget F-Zero. Wip3out? Whatever. Grip channels the best future racer out there

Rockets at the ready – Grip, the spiritual successor to PS1 racing classic Rollcage, just left the pit lane.

Rollcage was a breath of fresh air after four WipeOut games, with gravity-defying cars that had massive wheels for driving on walls and ceilings. Stage II had some of the best car combat on the PlayStation too.

Grip takes all that and updates it for 2016, with Unreal Engine 4 providing some seriously slick graphics. Drum & bass stars Technical Itch and Dom & Roland will eventually supply the soundtrack too, so the BPM will almost be as fast as the cars.

It’s just launched on Steam Early Access ahead of a full release, so fans can get in on the action early and support the developers.

Early access means there are sure to be bugs and unfinished content, but the developers say this version is the “most stable and feature rich” yet.

That means you get a race mode with three tracks, two combat arenas and an arsenal of weapons to blow up other drivers. There’s even a split screen mode for local multiplayer carnage.

It’s amazing Grip got this far, as it failed to raise funds with a Kickstarter campaign last year. Based on early reports on the Steam forums, though, it’s already looking like a seriously slick racer.

You can pick it up now from Steam for £11.99.