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ROG Ally X confirmed – here’s what to expect and when it’ll launch

It's a follow-up to the popular ROG Ally handheld console. You can expect more than just a basic refresh with these improvements en-route

Asus ROG Ally review top down

Asus just held a mini event to reveal the ROG Ally X – a second-gen handheld console. It definitely wasn’t a launch – we didn’t even get any pictures of the device. But, we did get some improvements confirmed. You can expect “more than just a basic refresh”, while not quite enough of a change to warrant a new console. Here’s everything you need to know.

The ROG Ally X isn’t just a lick of paint and a storage bump. Rather, it’s billed as an “enthusiast” version with improvements that sound significant but remain mysterious. Asus promised enhanced battery life (and apparently, it’s “very good”), SSD upgrades, RAM improvements, and even some physical tweaks that remain shrouded in mystery.

It’s not a complete transformation, but rather a middle child with extra perks. This version has been influenced by community feedback and probably a few boardroom brainstorming sessions. The core remains the same, sporting the same AMD Z1 Extreme chip as its predecessor. But the software is getting a notable facelift with Armoury Crate SE 1.5, slated to jazz up both the new Ally X and its older sibling this July.

So, what’s the catch? Well, for starters, there’s no price tag waved in our faces yet, nor a solid release date beyond a “full reveal” scheduled for June 2. This comes hot on the heels of the Nintendo Switch 2 being confirmed, and will beat the handheld to launching. It seems like Asus is building suspense, banking on the community’s impatience, and hoping that enthusiasts will be salivating at the mere thought of these upgrades.

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