Rockstar working on “cutting-edge” next-gen engine

The Grand Theft Auto developer’s open world games look set to get much larger in the future

Rockstar, the developer behind the Grand Theft Auto series, is working on “cutting-edge” core engine for its next generation of games – and that could be a sign that its open world games could be getting a lot larger.

The revelation comes courtesy of a job listing for a programmer at Rockstar North, the Scotland-based wing of the company responsible for creating and developing the GTA games. Among other things, the ad calls for experience with “streaming, open world games”, suggesting that the company is looking to create the engine upon which the next series of GTA titles, as well as the likely successors to Bully and Red Dead Redemption, will be based.

Personally, we’d be interested to see if Rockstar is going to go larger with its open worlds – because doing so risks diminishing the amount of detail on show. Outerra, which we saw back in March, is going down the maximalist route by offering a whole planet to explore – Earth, in fact – and using fractal algorithms to create realistic textures as you zoom down onto the surface.

[via GameSpot]

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