Rockstar stokes GTA V excitement with giant hand-painted mural

With the game out next month, Rockstar turns to old-fashioned emulsion and brushes to build up the hype
Rockstar stokes GTA V excitement with giant hand-painted mural

Look what we found on our way to grab our morning cup o’ joe: a giant, half-finished, hand-painted mural for Grand Theft Auto V.

Old school advertising

GTA V mural

With Rockstar’s long-awaited opus due to hit the high street on 17th September, the marketing push is kicking up a gear. And rather than rely on merely print, TV and digital ads, the developers have turned to good old-fashioned paint and brushes to remind everyone that the year’s biggest game is about to land.

One of three?

GTA mural Trevor
GTA mural sign

The giant mural, which depicts Trevor, one of GTA V’s three main characters, can be found on North 11th Street and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s hipster Disneyland. We chatted to the painters, Sky High Murals, who told us they hoped to have it finished by the end of the day.

With this mural showing only Trevor, it occurs to us that there could well be at least two more elsewhere in New York – one for each of the other protagonists,  Michael and Franklin. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

You can find higher resolution versions of the pictures here.