RIM hints at BlackBerry 10 features at DevCon

It might be a long way off but RIM hints at what's to come from its latest BlackBerry 10 OS

RIM has already broken the news that the BlackBerry faithful will have to wait until late 2012 for the arrival of its BlackBerry 10 troops. But in a bid to get excitement levels up, RIM dropped a number of hints at its DevCon event in Amsterdam as to what we can expect from our BlackBerry 10-toting handsets.

For starters, president and CEO Thorsten Heins said BB10 will have a "new user paradigm", a complicated way of referring to BB10's new infrastructure BlackBerry Flow.

The clue is in the name, with BlackBerry 10 introducing a more seamless user experience including a unified inbox. This all-encompassing inbox will gather emails, text messages and social network messages into a one-stop-shop for communication.

As seen on Bridge 2.0 for the PlayBook, an integrated calendar app has been given the social treatment, automatically giving you access to information about the people or companies you're meeting.

BlackBerry Flow provides real-time information that's automatically pushed out to BB10 devices, so you don't have to flit in and out of different applications.

BB10 will also make use of cloud services, with cars, homes and "new segments" being brought into the BB10 fold. We're hoping come the end of 2012 we'll be a little more clued up as to what this actually means.

Heins revealed BB10 is the result of two and a half years of work in progress, with BlackBerry bagging "the best tech companies we could find" in its bid for smartphone domination. And to keep us on our toes Heins promised "more to come.

Sounds like RIM'S BB10 could very well be worth the wait.

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