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Report suggests brighter, longer-lasting, otherwise identical Apple Watch 2

The refined model after the innovative one: Apple's typical approach may hold true again

With the iPhone, Apple has reliably made a big splash with a brand new model – and then followed it up a year later with a polished version that adds refinements and features. And based on a new report, that may be the case with the Apple Watch, as well.

The Naver/Digital Daily report out of Korea suggests that Apple has contracted Samsung Display to supplement LG Display’s production for the flexible OLED screens on the next Apple Watch, with a push to make them even thinner to accommodate a larger watch battery.

Amazingly, while the displays are expected to be thinner, they’re also planned to be brighter, allowing the Apple Watch to better retain legibility in direct sunlight. That’s been a small issue for the standard and Edition models of the original, as the Sapphire glass has minor struggles in the sun compared to the Ion-X glass coating of the Sport version.

Despite seemingly significant internal changes, the report suggests that much else about the device will remain as it is now: the same sizes and screen resolution, not to mention shape. Will there be more visible hardware changes? We’re not expecting anything too dramatic, given Apple’s typical trends.

No projected timeline for the production or release of a second-generation Apple Watch is mentioned in the report. WatchOS 2 is due out this autumn for the current device, although it seems highly unlikely that Apple would issue new hardware that quickly – especially with the first Apple Watch still so high in demand.

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