ReBrick social networking site built for Lego maniacs

Brick by brick, devoted Lego zealots are building a community of Lego lovers to knock your block off

No, this isn't a joke. ReBrick is a social network for people who eat, sleep and breathe the wonderful world of Lego (and have been to Legoland more than once). It's hardly surprising then that it was built by a gang of fanatics looking to share their love with other enthusiastic Lego lovers – and that Lego has backed the project.

It's certainly not going to be the next Facebook or Google+, but it's not trying to rival the social network key players. Instead, it indexes content, as opposed to hosting it, so is more of a Lego-focused search engine as opposed to a fully-fledged social network.

In a nutshell, it's a platform for block builders to alleviate their insatiable Lego cravings by sharing their colourful creations and discovering a world of cool stuff created out of Lego.

Anyone can join and submit their work. So if the thought of ReBrick has knocked your block off, you should probably go and have a browse.

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