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Real life DeLorean time machine is unveiled

If you're the proud owner of a hover board and DeLorean sports car then there's no excuse for not gracing your wrist with this beautiful timepiece

Right, I want my money back. That’s no time machine

Yes, it is. What is a watch if not a machine that keeps track of and relays the time? Ergo, a time machine. Also, what money? You haven’t paid a penny.

Well technically, yes, but –

Shhh. Just drink it in. The DeLorean DNA watch by RJ-Romain Jerome is a gloriously shiny tribute to the legendary DeLorean, thanks to its brushed stainless steel construction and design inspired by the legendary car’s wheel rims and taillights.

Well, it is shiny…

Yes it is. And the strap? That, my friend, is upholstered leather with anthracite grey stitching – the same hide found inside of the iconic car itself. It’ll match your Back to the Future Nike trainers and replica hover board perfectly, and with only 81 units made you’d better head on over to Romain Jerome and snap yours up now. Just don’t ask us how much it is.

How much is it?

Fine. It costs exactly £ifyouhavetoaskthenyoucan’taffordit. Happy?

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