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Great watt! DeLorean gives first-look at upcoming electric Alpha 5

DeLorean's signature design carries through with the new electric car.

While we haven’t seen too much from DeLorean over the last few years (well, decades, actually). But the company announced it’s coming back swinging with an electric car, embracing the future of vehicles. While the news alone has been enough to get fans excited, DeLorean has kept rather tight-lipped. Until now. The motor company has shared images giving a first look at the upcoming EV – Alpha 5.

Looking at the Alpha 5, you’ll be reminded of DeLorean‘s older models from the 80s. Back to Future fans will giggle with glee when seeing the gull-winged doors have stayed. Sloped and aerodynamic, the Alpha 5 looks as sleek as any other 21st century car while hitting you with the 80s nostalgia.

Surprisingly, the Alpha 5 will also be somewhat practical, too. DeLorean has packed in four seats rather than its traditional two. The new car will be fun for the whole family (past and present). The interior seems to take the minimalism from Tesla‘s cars, and packs in the tech with an all-screen dash. Of course, these first-look images are just renders, so there may be some minor changes between now and when the car is on the road.

While the car is yet to be finalised, DeLorean has shared some estimated figures. Expect a 2.99 seconds 0-60, beating that of the Tesla Model 3 (on paper, at least). It’ll get up to 88mph in 4.35 seconds, but won’t travel through time (probably). It’ll have a top speed of 155mph, and a range of 300+ miles from the 100+ kWh battery. Let’s hope the Alpha 5 can live up to these figures, as that’ll be one impressive electric car.

You can learn more about DeLorean’s Alpha 5 on its official website, and you’ll be able to get a look at some extra shots too. As for the car itself, we’ll have to wait until DeLorean unveils the car at Pebble Beach on 21 August. As for getting behind the wheel, you shouldn’t expect the car to make its way to the public until 2023. If only we had a time machine…

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