Putty Monsters available today

Firebox and Stuff teamed up to find the next generation's greatest inventor. Now the fruits of his labour can be bought

Calling all Earthlings! Putty Monsters have now officially landed on our planet. After five months of planning, manufacturing and designing by Tom Spring, the 13-year-old winner of the Firebox Inventor Competition, in association with Stuff, Putty Monsters are set to take the world by storm.

Save for a pair of eyes, Putty Monsters are made entirely from putty that can be moulded to create your own unearthly creations. Once formed, you can upload a photo of your creation to the online database before it naturally resumes its blobby original shape. Combining design with social networking, the malleable monsters are sure to prove popular.

Putty Monsters are available today from for the bargain price of £10.

[by Tilly McCluskey]