PS3 to support 4K still images

And we're hoping 4K gaming is only a matter of time

4K is the new standard that's getting TV addicts all dreamy eyed – it's the 4096x2160 resolution that laughs in the face of your new 1920x1080 HD set. Sony is already showing some love for gamers too. While we won't see gaming in super hi-res this year, the PS3 will be able to output 4K stills via a firmware update in early 2012. PS3s in Japan can already view 4K stills in the PlayView visual magazine function but this update would mean you can view your own images too.

Sony just outed its US$25,000 VPL-VW100ES projector to play your ultra-HD snaps on and while there's not a whole lot of choice of 4K TVs or projectors right now, Toshiba's Rezga 55X3 and Sharp's 8K4K Super Hi-Vision – with an even more ridiculous res of 7680x4320 – are good bets for our 2012 TV wish lists.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we clap eyes on any Black Ops zombies in next-gen HD.


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