Promoted: OPPO’s pursuit of style and substance

High-end design ideals coupled with precision technology – why OPPO’s stylish smartphone range is this season’s must-have fashion accessory…

Your smartphone is your window into your social world – but it should also be the coolest item you own. OPPO’s design philosophy – ‘the art of technology’ – means the company strives to make the kind of phone that turns heads.

OPPO’s smartphone range puts fashionability and style at its heart, with a focus on design that makes lesser tech manufacturers appear just so last season. And OPPO is helping style and smartphones converge – this year it’s taken its technology to fashionista events such as America’s Next Top Model and New York Fashion Week.

So how does the ‘art of technology’ translate into making smartphones? In OPPO’s case, artistry comes into every aspect of its work.

From the hand-polished finish of its metal phones (the OPPO R7 Series aluminium case goes through an astonishing 48 polishing processes to get the ultimate smooth look and feel) to the camera on the OPPO N3 that rotates 206 degrees and takes selfies of up to 64MP, OPPO brings super-sharp technology together with style-conscious designs.

Picture perfect

OPPO’s focus on style doesn’t end with pristine looks, though. The OPPO series is serious about photography, giving you the opportunity to be both model and photographer in your own connected world. The Pure Image 2.0+ photography engine (PI 2.0+) delivers incredibly detailed images.

Designed with selfies in mind, Pure Image 2.0+ boasts Whole-Screen Flash – a feature that turns the super-bright touchscreen into a flash for the front-facing camera – so you can take smouldering selfies at even the darkest clubs.

Expert Mode, one of the wide range of plug-ins in PI 2.0+, puts even more photographic control at your fingertips, with options to tweak white balance and exposure, and focus manually. The company’s partnership with America’s Next Top Model demonstrated Expert Mode’s abilities to great effect – one challenge on the show saw photographer Massimo Campana use the Expert Mode on the OPPO R5 smartphone to create pro-level headshots of the budding models.

And Beautify 3.0 software – another plug-in with several filters – lets you tweak and finesse your shots, ensuring you look your absolute best in your self portraits.

Party hard

America's Next Top Model isn't the only party that OPPO has been rocking lately. The company also took its smartphone range to the Big Apple for the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week earlier this year, collaborating with upcoming design talent Ly Qui Khanh.

One of the few Asian designers invited to appear at New York Fasion Week, the artist showcased 'The Last Petal', his autumn/winter 2015 collection, at the show - and the opening piece was inspired by the OPPO R5 smartphone. It was juxtaposed with a delicate cicada wing to bring home just how thin it was - the thinnest smartphone in the world at the time, in fact.

"OPPO is a kind of fashion pioneer in the technology arena in the sense that they incorporate a real sense of organic aestheticism into their products, balancing naturalistic designs with a dedication towards the consumer's needs," says the designer.

In other words, OPPO gives you the best of both worlds - must-have features, a stellar camera, and carefully considered design in a premium-quality smartphone. As far as fashion accessories go, this one's a real catwalk-stormer.

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