Promoted: Light Painting – feed your inner artist: Masterclass #5

You, your mate and your Huawei P8… alone in a darkened room. What happens next is up to you

With a single touch of your smartphone’s screen, the Huawei P8’s long-exposure Light Painting feature will capture dazzling streams of light from traffic, silky water effects and amazing star tracks.

In Light Painting mode (one of the P8’s four professional quality low-light shooting modes) you can inhale lorry-loads of light to create unique, arty photos. Trial-and-error is a fun way to kick off, but here’s a quick starter course in how to paint with light.

Whether it’s the regal rotation of the London Eye or your excitable mate wobbling a torch about in the dark, light painting is pure awesome. Using Huawei’s integrated light painting feature, it really couldn’t be easier to create the ultimate eye-catching photos.

You can start by waving a torch around in the air, or, if you’re responsible enough, a smartphone screen – or even a flame. The camera will track the light’s movement and capture it in one spectacular image.

Finally, your torch-juggling hobby can get the recognition it deserves.

If you’re feeling ambitious (and you’re reading this, so we already know the answer to that one!) then you can try writing your name, filling in shapes or recreating a logo in mid-air. It might take a few goes to get this right, but you’ll feel inordinately pleased with yourself when you see the results.

For equally stunning effects, point your P8 at moving traffic at night (don’t get too close, kids) and let the camera soak up the scene. It’s almost impossible NOT to end up with a great photo!

A word to the wise: when you paint with different colours, make sure you waggle them around a lot. If they stay motionless, colours can appear as super-white. And besides, the more dynamic you are with your light painting, the more exciting your final photos will be.

Now, light up and unleash your creative side.

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