Promoted: How to start in street photography: Masterclass #3

Just smile and have fun as you and your Huawei P8 take to the streets

Taking successful street photography requires a mix of patience, timing and technology. With its advanced 13-megapixel rear camera, the Huawei P8 is ready for action in pretty much any urban environment.

The city can be a blast to the senses – the noise, the light, the action, the energy. With so much going on, it’s easy to make a mess of your photographs, so here are some vital tips.

You’ll have to act fast. Watch people carefully and size them up so that you’re ready to fire the shutter the instant they do what you think they might do. The P8’s powerful optical image stablisation tech is a godsend when you have to leap into action.

You want people to act naturally, so be inconspicuous and never interrupt the scene. If you’re lingering on a street corner dressed like Inspector Gadget, smartphone at the ready and obviously about to take someone’s snap, you won’t get anything natural.

There’s no need to ask for permission. Unless you’re shooting for commercial purposes, it’s perfectly legal to take pics of people in the UK. If you get spotted, a cheery smile and a compliment go a long way towards reassuring your ‘target’ that your intentions are friendly. Or just run off, shouting “I wasn’t here!”

This is likely to be an energy-sapping day for both you and your phone – it’ll need every ounce of juice as you pound the pavements in search of the perfect street snap. Fortunately the Huawei P8 has great battery life, so you’ll only have to worry about recharging yourself!

Be patient and allow yourself as much time as it takes. Chances are, you’ve chosen a pretty cool place to take your street photography, so take a stroll around, go shopping, observe the whole scene… and expect the unexpected.

Whether you’re in the middle of a vibrant market or a cycling event, colour is everywhere, and the P8’s clever RGBW tech (the world’s first four-colour RGBW imaging sensor, which offers 32% higher brightness and 78% less colour noise) is a massive help when trying to capture bold, striking street photos.

Or, if you want a darker, wrong-side-of the-tracks vibe, black and white could be the answer. Gritty but pretty!

Wherever you are, whatever the subject, think of every angle. It might be possible to get really close to the action. Or you could fly above everything and get a wider view of the scene. Go exploring. The Huawei P8 is smart and flexible enough to be with you every step of the way.

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