Promoted: Access all areas with Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha’s MusicCast system lets you listen to all your music. Everywhere. From any source. Sounds good…

The rules of Playlist Roulette are simple: gather a few chums and then each put your entire music collection on shuffle.

The one who lasts the highest number of tracks before being booed into a ball of embarrassment is declared the victor. It’s brutal, especially when that long-forgotten I-only-put-it-on-there-for-a-joke Agadoo megamix bellows out across the living room.

Or even the entire house, if you have a Yamaha MusicCast wireless multiroom rig.

It’s versatile enough for you to slink away in exile and put on some Jive Bunny in another room, too. All MusicCast products come with Bluetooth onboard, so you can stream to any compatible Bluetooth product. Or from your smartphone or tablet. It’s seamless.

There are 34 compatible products currently in the MusicCast range, from soundbars, micro-systems and stereo amps to CD players, desktop speakers and AV receivers – including the high-end Aventage range for beaming movie and TV sound around.

Or you can connect your own sources – any sources, even turntables – and then send them across your MusicCast network to Yamaha products in other rooms. Every MusicCast product can share its inputs with anything else it connects to. And they can all handle hi-res 24-bit/192kHz material.

And it’s all controlled from one app. The free MusicCast Controller app for iOS and Android lets you select rooms, sources and songs; play separate tunes in different rooms, or bring everyone to the party with one stream.

Just make sure you play some decent music, eh?

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