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Power up your Raspberry for Pi day with this 314GB hard disk

WD celebrates 3/14 with a special edition Pi disk

Today is officially Pi day, that one day a year when it’s customary to much down on steak and kidney – wait, what?

OK, turns out it’s more to do with the date than the nation’s eating habits. Western Digital is definitely clearly knows what’s up – it’s getting into the spirit of 3/14 with a special edition hard disk built specifically for the Raspberry Pi.

The 314GB disk is thin and light enough to run purely on power provided by the Pi – that’s a major bonus compared to chunkier external hard disks, and the capacity is far bigger than the average USB flash drive.

The custom cable passes power through the disk to your Pi, cutting down on cords, and it comes with a special version of BerryBoot to help get you up and running.

Naturally it’ll work as a regular external hard disk for Windows or OS X, too – if you don’t mind formatting.

WD’s even got a few all-in-one kits which come bundled with a case for holding disk and Pi together.

The downside? It’s pretty costly at US$45.81 (£39.50), making it more expensive than the Pi itself, although there’s a limited time US$31.42 (£27.09) discount to tempt early adopters.

If you’ve got a Raspberry Pi project that needs a hefty amount of storage, you can pick up a PiDrive from Western Digital right now.