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Portable photo lab prints your iPhone photos onto Polaroid film

Our hipster-ometer is going berserk at the sight of this Instagram-smashing mini photo lab. You've probably never heard of it

If you’re allergic to anything remotely tailored to hipsters then look away now, as this portable iPhone photo lab will probably kill you.

Created by a Leica designer in collaboration with a former Polaroid factory, the Impossible Instant Lab is a Kickstarter project which aims to make your iPhone photos tangible.

Featuring a battery-powered collapsible ‘mini lab’, the device captures your iPhones screen by physically taking a picture of it (take that fancy AirPrint technology), before printing it out in all its retro-faded Polaroid film glory.

US$149 is all it takes to nab an Impossible Instant Lab with a free film voucher, so head on over to Kickstarter now if you feel like sticking your middle finger up to conventionalism. Just try not to print a photo from Instagram – our calculations indicate that you’ll rip a hole in hipster space time and doom us all.

[Kickstarter via Engadget]

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