PlayStation Vita versus smartphone gaming

Can the PS Vita eclipse those pesky smartphones when it comes to handheld gaming? Dual analogues and touchscreens everywhere give it a fighting chance

The Vita's 5in OLED touchscreen is larger than most smartphone displays (aside from the 5.3in Samsung Galaxy Note), which makes for immersive gaming. The iPhone 4S' display has a higher pixel density (326 vs 220ppi), but you barely notice when playing.

PS Vita versus smartphones – Screen

Analogue sticks, buttons and a rear touchpad give the Vita more sophisticated controls than any phone. You can attach accessories such as the Gametel controller (£50, to iOS and Android phones, but it's neither as accurate nor elegant solution.

PS Vita versus smartphones – Ergonomics

According to Appshopper, there are over 100,000 'game and entertainment' titles available for iOS – and that's without Android. Even if you just pick the good ones, the Vita's launch roster of 33 titles is comprehensively trashed by either platform.

PS Vita versus smartphones – Games quantity

The Vita is the only handheld able to serve up console-quality titles such as Uncharted. But Android and iOS titles are getting serious, too – witness Shadowgun – and when it comes to instant-on, fiendishly addictive games snacking, they make much more sense.

PS Vita versus smartphones – Games quality

Sony reckons the PlayStation Vita beats smartphones because it gives you console quality analogue sticks, takes AR gaming to a whole new level and talks to your PS3. We say the Vita is a godsend for serious gamers, but phones will remain the kings of simple fun.

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